Best new features in watchOS 6

New watch faces

There is a selection of new watch faces available in watchOS 6. More choice is always a good thing.

App Store

App store on the watch! Now it’s possible to browse and install apps directly on the watch. Together with new iPhone independent apps this takes the iPhone free experience one step further.

Enhanced Siri

Siri has been improved with better search results and the ability to identify songs by listening to them thanks to Shazam technology.

New Apps

Apple has added Audiobooks to the Apple Watch. Reading Now items are automatically synced. Calculator is making its first appearance on the watch as well, with a built in tip calculator in tow. Voice Memos also finds a new home on the wrist allowing for easy voice memo recording. Finally the new and redesigned Reminders app will of course also be a part of the watchOS 6 experience.

Activity trends

There will now be activity trends available on the watch to help track progress over time. Are you being a bit lazy lately? The watch will now let know how your recent activity compares to your long term activity history. There’s also daily metrics available in the activity app on the iPhone showing how your last 90 days compare to the past 365 days. A downward trend will present tailored coaching suggestions to turn things around for the better again.

Hearing Health

The watch will be monitoring noise levels, and warn if there’s risk of having your hearing affected based on noise level and exposure duration.

Cycle tracking

Apple has also added cycle tracking for the ladies.