Electric vehicles are the future of road transportation

There have been a lot of debate on whether EV’s are really more environmentally friendly than cars with internal combustion engines. Some say the battery production alone will make an EV less environmentally friendly, whereas others claim that in spite of the impact from manufacturing the battery packs EV’s will still be better for the environment over their lifetime. From everything I have read and learned about EV’s I am confident that EV’s are already beneficial to the environment even though it’s still very early days of road vehicle electrification, and I am going to touch on why in this article.

OLED – The good, the bad and the ugly

To better understand the advantages and disadvantages of OLED displays, we need to take a brief look at LCD displays. The way LCD displays work is that they have a backlight that’s always emitting white light through color filters. Each pixel consists of three subpixels which are red, green and blue. To change the color of a pixel, LCD crystals control how much light goes through each of these individual subpixels to mix the desired color.

Going back to a feature phone

One night I glanced at my smartphone and noticed it rebooting, over and over. It was stuck in a boot loop. Factory reset didn’t work, so I sent it off for warranty repair. Meanwhile I needed a phone to use, so I took my backup phone out, a Nokia 301 feature phone. An interesting week was about to begin.